The Wizard’s 10 Rules to Becoming A Winning Horseplayer

RULE 1: The amount you wager on any race should be within your comfort level.

RULE 2: Do not force bets. Passing a race is just as important as betting one. There is always tomorrow.

RULE 3: Increase the amount you wager when you are winning, decrease when you are losing.

RULE 4: Be flexible in your thinking. Late scratches, a track bias spotted during the day and physical appearance are just some of the factors that can change the complexion of a race and wagers.

RULE 5: Do not be a slave to one type of handicapping system or school of thought. Rely on your instincts!

RULE 6: Each race requires a different betting strategy, especially with the vast wagering opportunities.

RULE 7: Research quality on-line wagering sites which offer cash rebates. Playing without one puts you at a big disadvantage.

RULE 8: The mute button on your remote allows you to tune out racing analysts who hurt you more than help you.

RULE 9: Don’t believe you can’t make money betting favorites. Exactas, Trifectas, Pick 3’s-4’s and other multi-race wagers are options to just simple Win betting.

RULE 10: Don’t listen to “inside information”. Win or lose, these horses are usually way over-bet.

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